Grilla (verbalized greejah) – a keyword found in medellin to explain women who loved for and group. Like a ‘rumbera’ but using little clase.

Female use it as a damaging but the male is clearly sometimes enticed from move. Itagui happens to be termed grillas haven, but I couldn’t possibly comment.

I can’t believe any longer off the surface of my favorite brain, but guy just who dont like to spend some money may termed possessing chicken-arms (ie, the two don’t achieve their own purse) and so the motion for this purpose happens to be scrubbing their knee.

Furthermore, Colombians in some cases aim making use of lips. Its an art and craft I haven’t learned.

Ah, another one I enjoy.

la caliente-huevos / los angeles calentadora (the egg hotter or perhaps just the much warmer) – it is an expression regularly explain alluring or flirty babes exactly who display attention but dont need to have love.

Another vulgar you happen to be ‘quatero’, used by some as ‘wingman’. Make use of your creative imagination as to the reasons. This needs to be used in combination with caution because it’s quite an indelicate name.

Arepa is both a delicious food and could also be used as a jargon for girl devices. ‘Te encanta arepa paisa?’

Bless you so much Simon, they are wonderful enhancements.

Catalina Suarez says

Parce, excelente trabajo! Perfecto!

ColOmbia definitely not ColUmbia says

Con muchisimo gusto mean “my happiness” or “it would be my fun” !

Hullo! I’m a new comer to your site and had to check the Colombia area since my novio try Colombian. They shown me personally some of these words once I was CLUELESS by what his or her visit partners happened to be expressing!

We learned a few newer phrases in your post–I’d never heard “a los angeles orden” or “chimba.” Gracias por la clase tan bacana!

Con muchisimo gusto with very much happiness – people relished assisting you to

mucho gusto a lot delight – they liked encounter you

The witty what takes place to Canadians, especially west Canadians, with Colombian Spanish. While for people, Brit and overall Europeans line up really clear Colombian Spanish, Canadians usually say the audience is rumbling keywords and that they prefere Costa Rica?s or Nicaragua?s Spanish. As a matter of fact for my situation as Colombian it seems impractical to determine the diference between folks of tis three region.

Now I am Brit offer wedded to a Colombian that’s from Medellin-I would be truth be told there not too long ago and ended up being held bieng stated “tranquila” or tranques this means that do not stress,

Indeed we heard that a lot too, think our company is upset actually by Colombian requirements.

This is an outstanding document, highlighting some of the finest strategies to find out slang! Linguist Kato Lomb mentioned that the crucial thing that retains people straight back are anxiety – like a denominator dividing your talent, but acquired that awareness because of your point-on gestures. Self-confidence happens to be every thing!

Beatriz Herrera says

Good post, Colombia and Peru(where I am from) are equivalent places and now we have got essentially the the exact same slang, but, a few of they, features various meaning (don?t query me the reason). Eg in Peru chimba implies cabeza. Therefore say bacan as a substitute to bacano. All of us also use countless -azo enjoy bacanazo (cool), o buenazo (really good)and we all use a whole lot the term “pues”, si pues, no pues, claro pues… etc…

As a guy indigenous Colombian I just were going to discuss that although drive, the definition Gordita (fatty woman, name of endearment) is really great, as Colombians like female with figure, as well label Flaca (skinny woman, endearment words) is usually not very close. In Calli, most people also always utilize oye, mire, vea in order of creating talk and getting your very own interest on a subject matter or on something. Berraca could also be used to describe a badass (awesome) hardworking female whom brings what she need (tough) ie. Ella parece UNA berraca. but when you have the keyword an adj. illustration Ella LA berraca, it signifies she’s mad.

Excellent much for its extra keywords, I’ll requirement these people when I’m in Colombia.

David Ouellette says

I’ve been in Colombia for the past period and in the morning affectionate re-learning the slang! Really cool report!